Susan Quick


Susan (Reiselt) Quick knew she was destined for a career on the stage when at age 6 she won the Little Miss Camden Beauty Contest in her hometown of Camden Arkansas.  Other contest victories for dancing, singing, acting, and beauty followed, culminating in her heading for New York City at the age of 18. 

 Acting classes and Actors Workshops led to appearances on Television’s; “CBS Workshop” with Larry Hagman.  Off Broadway; as Ellie May in “Tobacco Road” and starring roles in “Three by Three” and “Players on the Beach”.  She played the ingenue in a Pre-Broadway tour of “God Bless Our Bank” with Ann Southern.  Summer Stock Theater at such theaters as “The Old Log Theater” in Minneapolis, “The White Barn” in Irwin, Pennsylvania and “Playhouse On The Green” in Columbus, Ohio, occupied her summers.  She was Leading Lady in Regional Theater productions of such popular plays as “Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mommy’s Hung You In The Closet And I’m Feeling So Sad”,  “Golden Fleecing”, “Any Wednesday” and “Rattle of a Simple Man”.

 Susan met her future husband, Eldon Quick, when she was resident Leading Lady at the Southbury Playhouse in Southbury Connecticut.  Shortly after their marriage Eldon left NYC for a National Tour in a Play which closed in Hollywood, Calif.  Susan joined him there and they have lived in Hollywood ever since.

 In Hollywood she has made a large number of appearances on segments of series television such as  “That Girl,” “Phyllis,” “Six Million Dollar Man,” “Cannon,” “Barnaby Jones,” and “Roseanne.”  She has also appeared on Daytime television in segments of “General Hospital,” “The Young and the Restless,” “The Judge,” “Divorce Court,” etc.  She has also made numerous stage appearances in the Los Angeles area, the most recent was as Amanda in Actor’s Circle Theater production of “The Glass Menagerie.”

 When Eldon began working on The Iliad she was drafted to be his first audience and to advise him on his performance.  Later when performances in front of larger audiences became possible she was given the jobs of Producer, stage-manager and prompter.  It is inferred in Homer’s works that he had an assistant when he performed.  This assistant was the goddess Calliope, one of the nine muses.  Susan is Eldon’s goddess.


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