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Homer Productions was formed to perform and promote performance of the works of Homer as a method of bringing people who are not familiar with them to these great works of art. The works of Homer are the oldest existing complete stories in their original language we have in our Western Literature.  They were composed as oral poetry to be spoken in front of an audience.  To truly appreciate the depth of character, the construction of story, the life, contained in these works one must hear and see them performed by a “Storyteller”.

 Homer Productions presents “The Iliad Live” a one-man performance of Books One, or Three, or Twenty-four of The Iliad, by professional actor Eldon Quick.  These performances are suitable for schools, clubs, or any organization with an interest in the beginnings of our history, literature or theatre. 

 The company is a partnership of Eldon and Susan Quick.  Eldon handles bookings and performances.  Susan handles bookkeeping, finances, transportation, and is stage manager - prompter for a performance.


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